If you wish to design or install the Advanced Enviro-Septic (AES) system you will need the following credentials:

  1. Successfully complete AES online training course, follow the steps below to complete the course.
  2. To hold an appropriate occupational licence or QBSA licence number and/or qualifications required by law.

Total time required to complete course: approx 1 to 1.5 hrs

Step 1

Watch the Advanced Enviro-Septic(AES) introductory video by David Presby of Presby Environmental Pty Ltd.

Click to view here
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Step 2

Watch the Advanced Enviro-Septic training video online.

Right click & Save as
To view file after downloading, simply navigate to where you saved the file (This is often the downloads folder for files that automatically save)

Step 3

Complete online training questionnaire.

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Step 4

Once training completed register for resource center. Access the AES Calculator & other resources to help install AES systems.

Register and login

WARNING on completion of your AES training you will be able to commence ordering and installing systems, but your full AES Certificate will be posted out to your business address as soon as possible.